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Head of The Bureau Message

Bureau of Finance and Economic Development has got a significant contribution to make in economic and social transformation endeavors.

The core responsibilities of the Bureau lie in three focus areas:

  1. Economic planning and management, which covers activities aimed at mobilization and utilization of public resources to achieve rapid, sustained and broad-based economic growth;
  1. Public financial management at all government levels to ensure efficient, effective and accountable use of public resources as a basis for improved service delivery to attain value for money in control and management; and
  1. Producing, maintaining and distributing timely, relevant and reliable financial information and developmental data to meet decision-making, control and reporting requirements.

These focus areas are also captured in balanced score card studied for the sector as three perspectives through which major performance results of the sector are tracked. Some of these focus areas such as mobilization and utilization of public resources and public financial and property management activities require transparency and accountability, which is primarily achieved through continuous provision of information to stakeholders. An advance in information communication technology (ICT) has presented us with worldwide web pages as a means to deliver different financial and developmental information to different users electronically. Therefore, our bureau has developed its own website to meet the information needs of our customers and to promote transparency in the sector using this rapidly growing media.