• በተያዘው ዓመት በጀትን ለታለመለት ዓላማ በማዋል የተሻለ አፈጻጸም እንዲኖር ትኩረት ሰጥቶ እንደሚሠራ የክልሉ ፋይናንስና ኢኮኖሚ ልማት ቢሮ አስታወቀ



Head of The Bureau Message

      Bureau of Finance and Economic Development (BoFED) established bearing an intention of utmost improvement of living standard through launching efficient financial, administrative and planning system. Since its establishment, SNNPRS Finance and Economic Development Bureau has been working a lot in utilization of public resource, public finance management and provision of information.

Bureau also expected to introduce new and efficient ways of utilizing resources to ensure equitable allocation so as to offer suitable public service. However, this may not be enough alone to a certain extent. It should cope up with national financial change systems. In addition, The Bureau should use research studies and information to strengthen the regional income. These all enable us to transform the bureaus` performance in to excellent and become leading institution to be a role model for other sectors. We hope you will find all information about the bureau you are looking for.

Should you ever have questions or concerns, please contact us directly by phone, or email.